JUNIO 2008 N° 6 Volumen 6

The concept of health according to the Villa Maria education system



Ángela NM Aimar, Graciela I Delgado, Patricia Mónica Beatriz Pérez, Martha I Torre, Nora E Videla


Docentes de la Licenciatura en Enfermería de la Universidad Nacional de Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina.

Contact email: angelaaimar@hotmail.com


The ideas on health have been changing throughout time and settings in which man felt the need to define health as something separate or associated to the concept of disease. Health can therefore be understood in different ways according to experiences, beliefs, values, culture and subjectivity in a given time and context. This perspective motivated the Statistics Centre and Nursing Degree of the Human Sciences AP Institute (HSAPI) of the Villa María National University (VMNU) to carry out a study to learn about the ideas on health and salutogenic practices generated in people’s daily lives. Since education is a strategy that helps promote principles that consider health as something positive, the population included in the study was composed of the directors of different level educational institutions in the city of Villa María, Province of Córdoba, Argentina, in 2007. This study considers the person to be a holistic being and health a historical-social, culturally determined process, relating to lifestyle and quality of life of towns and ability to access wealthness in each place and time (16).


health; illness; conceptionssalutogenic practices

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El concepto de salud desde los responsables del sistema educativo de Villa María