JUNIO 2009 N° 6 Volumen 7

Modification of knowledge on the theory of the Nursing process



1Yamileydis Perdomo Vega, 1Raiza Rodríguez Ramírez, 2José Rafael Escalona Aguilera


1Licenciadas en Enfermería. Especialistas de Primer Grado en Enfermería Comunitaria.2Doctor en Medicina. Especialista de Primer Grado en Pediatría. Máster en Bioética.

Contact email: escalona@gibara.hlg.sld.cu


An educational intervention study was carried out with nurses from the Policlinic University Center José Martí Pérez in Gibara, in the period from march 2007 to march 2008, to modify knowledge on the nursing process.
The universe was comprised of 86 nurses that work at the said clinic, of whom a sample of 64 subjects that met the inclusion criteria to our study were selected equating to  74,41%. The subjects were given a questionnaire with the aim of identifying the level of knowledge on the theoretical concepts of the nursing process. The aspects studied included: variables, years of experience, professional levels, activities to be conducted by these nurses in relation to the process, importance given to the patients and whether or not these theoretical concepts were applicable to nursing practicum classes. Upon administration of the first toll questionnaire, it was found that nurses are not familiar with the theory upon which the process is based and thus consider it to be less important as also the activities to be carried out by nursing personnel. Moreover, they confirmed  that the process theory is not applicable to nursing practicum classes. 
Following the application of this educational plan, these same nurses manifested that knowledge is as important as the years of experience. Nurses are familiar with the process theory and hence consider it to be important as also the activities to be carried out by nursing personnel and confirm that the process theory is applicable to nursing practicum classes.


nursing procestheoretical process

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Modificación de conocimientos sobre la teoría del proceso de Enfermería