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Impact of cultural values on anorexia nervosa and social perception


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Pablos Palencia C, Silva Tomás P. Incidencia de los valores culturales sobre la anorexia nerviosa y su percepción social. Educare21.net 2011; 73. [En línea] [fecha de acceso: 1 de febrero de 2011]. URL disponible: http://www.educare21.net


Cintia Pablos Palencia, Pablo Silva Tomás


Alumnos de la EUE “La Fe”, Valencia.

Contact email: psilvatomas@gmail.com


Objective: to investigate the main social and cultural aspects that influence the adoption of behaviors to control food and the perception of anorexia nervosa. To endorse culturally congruent care in patients with anorexia nervosa.
Methods: a descriptive cross-correlation with a semi structured questionnaire on a sample of 44 high school students between 14 and years of age.
Results have shown that the sample intensively associated body image with the ability to successfully develop socially, emotionally or professionally, with slight differences by gender. Respondents have reported diet controlling behaviors despite being within normal ranges of BMI, showing more strongly in women than in men. In general, the people with anorexia are perceived as easy to influence people, and an important group blames them for their own illness.
Conclusions: cultural values have important implications for the adoption of habits of food control, so culturally appropriate care can be shown effective in the helping process.


cultural influence; culturally congruent care; eating disorderssocial perception

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Incidencia de los valores culturales sobre la anorexia nerviosa y su percepción social