NOVIEMBRE 2011 N° 9 Volumen 9

The European Foundation for Quality Management Model (EFQM) of Excellence in a Hospital



Amparo Almero Canet, Elena Santainés Borredá


Enfermeras y alumnas del Máster de Enfermería Oncológica de la Universidad de Valencia.

Contact email: almero@ibv.csic.es


The present paper is a self-assessment of a hospital department using the EFQM 2010 as a tool. Firstly there is a description of the structural, organizational and care characteristics of the unit to be analyzed, which in this case is intended to care for patients undergoing major surgery. This European model of excellence, established in 1988, is a non-normative, systematic, regular and comprehensive tool to analyze ways to carry out tasks and organizational performance. It is structured in two parts. The first one involves a set of criteria that measure the performance of the organization, these are grouped into enabling agents and results criteria. The first ones include management system aspects such as leadership, strategic plan, etc. The latter ones represent what is achieved in relation to all customers and society. The second part of the model consists of a set of rules that govern the behavior of each criterion: the REDER logic. Following on, it is necessary to assess in detail each of the nine criteria that make up the model, highlighting the strengths and areas for improvement in each of them. After this assessment, it was observed that one of the least managed aspects in the quality of service is the external customer feedback regarding the performance and care by the team. On the other hand, the quality of patient care and concern for adaptation to new knowledge are two premises that appear in each and every one of the members of the management team, resulting from good communication between members of the organization. Finally, we encourage each organization to periodically perform this assessment to be able to get the desired efficiency and effectiveness in quality of management. Only this will lead to achieving the main goal of efficiency.


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Modelo European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) de excelencia en una unidad hospitalaria