NOVIEMBRE 2012 N° 9 Volumen 10

Acute conditions in immigrants, a challenge for nurses


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Povedano Montes A, Martí Fuentesauco C, Montserrat Viñals M, Muñoz Castanedo MI, Fernández Pérez R. Patología aguda en los inmigrantes, un reto para las enfermeras. [En línea] [fecha de acceso: 1 de noviembre de 2012]. URL disponible en: http://www.enfermeria21.com/publicaciones/educare/


Araceli Povedano Montes, Cristina Martí Fuentesauco, Míriam Montserrat Viñals, Sacramento Gutiérrez Mesa, Mª Isabel Muñoz Castanedo, Rosario Fernández


Enfermeras Comunitarias de Área Básica de Salud (ABS) Tarrassa. CSI.

Contact email: araceli.povedano@sanitatintegral.org


This is a observational research with the aim to acquire more knowledge about the health problems of immigrants who are seen in the ABS centre in Hospitalet de Llobregat.
Objective: the main objective is to understand the mild acute diseases most prevalent in the immigrant population seen in the nursing room.
Scope: nursing rooms in ABS Hospitalet de Llobregat.
Design: this is a descriptive study of morbidity.
Study subjects: immigrant patients who come to nursing rooms for a spontaneous visit over a ten month period.
Instrumentation: nurses during spontaneous visits, once acute pathology reason for consultation is diagnosed will apply the inclusion and exclusion criteria and will fill the appropriate questionnaires.
Determinations: they will fill out three questionnaires: socio-demographic variables (not self-administered); validated Hamilton’s Anxiety Test (self-administered); andad hoc questionnaire on self-care knowledge regarding several acute problems (not self-administered).
Data analysis variables were analyzed through SPSS version 12.

Discussion: knowledge of acute diseases most prevalent in this segment of the population and the training needs of those will contextualize the study population, relate it to the results of other studies and design a health education plan according to the results.


acute pathology; consultation nursing; immigrant; Primary Caretraining needs

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Patología aguda en los inmigrantes, un reto para las enfermeras