JUNIO 2005 N° 6 Volumen 2

Skiing: Let´s do it the right and healthy way



Ramón Frías Bregel


Licenciado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte. Profesor EUE “La Fe”, Valencia.

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C/ Sierra Martes, 25, pta 28. 46015 Valencia.

Contact email: ramonyfe@teleline.net


Sports has become general practice in today’s society, with large numbers of people dedicating their spare time to sports in order to get some sort of physical work out- Physical activity improves physical condition and promotes health, and thus their quality of life.
Sports that in the past were reserved to “a few lucky ones” have now become increasingly popular for the general population, and are mainly played by young adults. Sports such as horseback riding, sailing, skin-diving, or skiing are now very popular.
This increase in the number of people who play sports can result in more injuries, especially in certain sports (if these sports are played without adequate training and without the supervision of qualified coaches), a result contrary to what we had aimed to achieve.
This is one of the reasons why some nursing schools have been including, as part of their curriculum, an elective subject called “Physical activity and promotion of health”.
Given the environmental characteristics involved in skiing, the equipment involved in it, and the special body mechanics required, this sports needs of a interdisciplinary team, composed of health professionals (physicians, physiotherapists, nurses, etc.) and physical and sports education experts, whose mission is to ensure that skiing is done under the best possible safety conditions.


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