Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

JUNIO 2002 N° 46 Volumen 5

Multicenter clinical evaluation of a new hydro-polymeric dressing

Section: Estudios del Sector

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Pérez MP et al. Atención enfermera domiciliaria a una paciente con el Síndrome de Von Hipple Lindau. Metas de Enfermería jun 2002; 5(5): 20-24


Rosario Jurado Hernández


Directora del Centro de Salud Dos Hermanas A. Sevilla.


Due to the longer longevity that the population currently enjoysand because of their physical deterioration, a high percentageof them will suffer from pressure sores.

This multicenter, open and prospective study was carried out inorder to evaluate the efficiency and behaviour of a new hydro-polymeric dressing with an internal three-dimensional structurein 119 patients with pressure sores on several locations.

The results obtained confirm the efficiency of this hydro-poly-meric dressing in the pathology studied, along with the high ac-ceptance from the professionals, and the adaptation to the pa-tient needs as well.


wound healing; pain reduction; granulation tissuehydropoly-meric dressing

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Evaluación clínica multicéntrica de un nuevo apósito hidropolimérico