Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

NOVIEMBRE 2003 N° 60 Volumen 6

Lesions from snake bites

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Vernet D. Lesiones por mordedura de serpiente. Metas de Enfermería nov 2003; 6(9): 25-30


Diana Vernet Martínez


Enfermera asistencial. Servicio de Urgencias. Hospital Clínic, Barcelona. Profesora de Toxicología en el Postgrado de Urgencias de Enfermería de la Universidad Ramón Llull (Fundació Blanquerna).

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Urgencias de Medicina Interna. Hospital Clínico C/ Villaroel, 170. 08036 Barcelona.

Contact email: D.VERNET@terra.es


The lesions caused by snake bites account for approximately 360 cases per year in Spain, from the spring to autumn, being the summer months those with the highest incidence. Even though this type of lesion forms part of the total amount of emergency cases caused by marine and terrestrial animals, the percentage of snake bite stagnant wounds is low but requires a rapid and thorough assessment and attention in order to prevent possible complications and palliate the effects of a possible venom inoculation.


stagnant wounds; snake bitesantiophidic serum (antidote)

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Lesiones por mordedura de serpiente