Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

NOVIEMBRE 2003 N° 60 Volumen 6

Virtual consultation on Health. Education for adolescents

Section: Health and quality of life

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Puig L, Barranco F, Carrera M, Rosell O, Sáez V. Consulta virtual de Educación para la Salud en adolescentes. Metas de Enfermería nov 2003; 6(9): 62-65


Luis Puig González1, Fernando Barranco Peña2, Montserrat Carrera Vidal2, Óscar Rosell Nebreda2, Vicente Sáez Pastor1


Diplomado en Enfermería. Centro de Atención Primaria de Oliana1, Pediatra. Fundación "Sant Hospital Seu d’Urgell".

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Centro de Atención Primaria de Oliana. C/ Gerona, 8. 25790 Oliana, (Lérida)

Contact email: luislerida@teleline.es


This paper presents a virtual consultation (through the Internet) on Health Education for Adolescents. The target population at which this virtual consultation is addressed are adolescents aged between 12 and 18 years and, particularly, to those living and studying in the region of Pirineo and pre-Pirineo of the province of Lérida in the district of Alt Urgell. The web page provides an e-mail address that will be used to ask the corresponding virtual questions which will be answered by a multidisciplinary team (composed of a registered nurse, a paediatrician, and a social worker), depending on the subject question asked.


Virtual consultation; health education; Internet; web page; adolescents

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Consulta virtual de Educación para la Salud en adolescentes