Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

JULIO 2010 N° 6 Volumen 13

Bicycle use in health care professionals

Section: Health and quality of life

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Constenla Cortés C, Álvarez Leiva MI. Uso de la bicicleta por los profesionales de la salud. Metas de Enferm jul/ago 2010; 13(6): 14-18


1Celia Constenla Cortés, 2Mª Isabel Álvarez Leiva


1Fisioterapeuta de la Unidad de Rehabilitación Cardíaaca del Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena, Sevilla.2Enfermera de la Unidad de Rehabilitación Cardíaca del Hospital Universitario Virgen de Macarena, Sevilla.

Contact email: maribelaleiva@telefonica.net


Objectives: to determine the degree of bicycle use in health care professionals, as well as their difficulties in moving around using this type of transportation and the degree of public bicycle service use in the city of Sevilla.

Methodology: descriptive study, the target population of which were professionals and Health Sciences students of the Virgen de la Macarena Hospital area. Simple random sampling was used to determine a sample composed of 225 professionals and 130 students.

The questionnaire developed by the Hospital’s Secondary Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit included sociodemographic data and matters concerning bicycle use. Prior to its use, a pilot run of the items included in the questionnaire was performed in a sample of 15 professionals. Data collection took place between january and march of 2009 and a descriptive analysis of the data was performed.

Results: 60,1% (n = 166) of professionals from the area and 38,75% of students (n = 117) provided a response. There were a total of 305 surveys. 61,8% of professionals and 51,7% of students never rode a bicycle. 18,6% of students and 7,5% of professionals claimed to use it for transportation. Long distances were determined to be a frequent reason for not riding bicycles by both groups. 96,6% of students knew about public bicycle services, especially the Sevici, although only 33,9% actually used it. 78,5% of professionals knew about it and 25,8% used it. 82,02% of the total sample described the three main benefits of bicycle use.

Conclusions: bicycle use amongst health care professionals and Nursing students is not frequent. Although professionals and students know the health benefits of bicycle use, as well as the Sevici bike service and the existence of “bike lanes”, their use is scarce.


bicycle use; environment; health promotion; healthy lifestyle; physical activitytransportation

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Uso de la bicicleta por los profesionales de la salud