Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

SEPTIEMBRE 2011 N° 7 Volumen 14

Theoretical sampling in a phenomenological study regarding the corporeity notion in patients with a heart transplant

Section: Method

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Palmar Santos AM et ál. El muestreo teórico en un estudio fenomenológico sobre la idea de corporeidad en pacientes TC. Metas de Enferm sep 2011; 14(7): 68-74


1Ana María Palmar Santos, 2Azucena Pedraz Marcos, 3Montserrat Solís Muñoz, 4Aurora Hernández Rivas


1Enfermera. Licenciada en Humanidades. Doctora en Cirugía. Profesora Sección Departamental de Enfermería. Universida

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Ana María Palmar Santos. C/ María Tubau, 17, portal G, 5º 2. 28050 Madrid.

Contact email: ana.palmar@uam.es


The present work aims to determine the methodological development of a theoretical sampling in a qualitative phenomenological study on the analysis of the notion of corporeity in patients who have undergone a heart transplant. For this purpose, the study is first presented as part of the method´s framework and then it goes on to present the sampling strategy.
Methodological framework of the study: the methodological approach was carried out under a qualitative paradigm and phenomenological design. The technique used was an in-depth interview. Scope of the study: Puerta de Hierro University Hospital, Majadahonda, Madrid.
Sampling strategy: Informant selection was started with an exploratory study, followed by two theoretical samplings which based on the compilation of the information obtained and the incipient theoretical analysis of such information. 22 interviews were carried out: 12 to informants who had undergone a heart transplant, aged between 27 and 70 years; and 10 family informants.
As conclusion it is important to point out that the dynamism established in the qualitative research process introduces the constant need to take a new approach to the initial sampling and to future samplings in order to achieve a discourse that embraces the comprehension of the studied phenomena.


cardiac transplant; human body; methodology; Qualitative investigation; Sampling

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El muestreo teórico en un estudio fenomenológico sobre la idea de corporeidad en pacientes trasplantados de corazón