Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

DICIEMBRE 2011 N° 10 Volumen 14

The INSULINA_2010® computer programme to control the velocity of intravenous insulin perfusion

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Rodríguez Murillo JA. Programa informático INSULINA_2010® para el control de la velocidad de perfusión de insulina intravenosa. Metas de Enferm dic 2011/ene 2012; 14(10): 16-20


José Antonio Rodríguez Murillo


Enfermero. Ingeniero técnico informático en gestión. Unidad Coronaria/Postcoronaria del Hospital Clínico de Barcelona.

Contact address

C/ Sardenya 269, 1º 2º. 08013 Barcelona

Contact email: josearodriguezm1@wanadoo.es


Intravenous insulin treatment by means of a continuous infusion pump is the most effective method to administer insulin to achieve adequate glycemia values in the care of critical patients.
Two factors play a role in the calculation of the velocity (V) of rapid
insulin perfusion includes: capillary glycemia (CG) and the sensitivity factor (SF). The formula applied, V = (GC - 60) x FS, is based on the protocol control tables adopted in the ICU. The infusion rate requires frequent adjustments and the calculation is done manually using a calculator.
This paper presents a description of the software INSULINA_2010®,
developed by a nurse to calculate the infusion rate required at all times, avoid human error in the calculation and to prevent possible ambiguity­ in the extreme values of the intervals.
The INSULINA_2010® program is an application that works in PC-compatible computers with minimal equipment and an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, currently being used at the Coronary Unit at the Hospital Clínico of Barcelona since 2005.


critical patient; diabetes; Glycemic control; intravenous insulinsoftware

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Programa informático INSULINA_2010® para el control de la velocidad de perfusión de insulina intravenosa