Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

SEPTIEMBRE 2012 N° 7 Volumen 15

Leisure workshop for the prevention of domestic violence against women

Section: Health and quality of life

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Zarza Alabanda I, Martín González E, Alcalá del Olmo González MA, Martín Vallejo L, García Alegre MT, Pérez Muñoz R. Taller lúdico de prevención de violencia contra la mujer. Metas de Enferm sep 2012; 15(7): 67-70


1Isabel Zarza Alabanda, 1Elena Martín González, 2Mª Ángeles Alcalá del Olmo González, 2Lucía Martín Vallejo, 2Mª Trinidad García


1Enfermera. EAP Doctor Trueta, Alcorcón (Madrid). 2Médico de familia. EAP Doctor Trueta, Alcorcón (Madrid).

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Isabel Zarza Alabanda. C/ Parque, 10. 28430 Alpedrete (Madrid).

Contact email: alabandamayo@yahoo.es


According to the World Health Organization, violence against women is a public health problem. This article describes a preventive intervention aimed at families with children of school age, the aims of which were to promote self-esteem, present family models based on equality and undo traditional gender roles. Awareness panels on the issue were presented at the health center. Participants were recruited simultaneously: seven boys, nine girls, 13 mothers, 10 fathers, a tutor. Contents: group dynamics: the self-esteem tree; storytelling: “Cinderella did not want to eat partridges”; puppets: “We are not rag dolls”; conclusion: the tree of self-esteem has grown. The leisure nature of the workshop ensured the attention and participation from the audience. The self-esteem tree is exhibited in the health center. For effective prevention, interventions that integrate the whole family, the scene of the problem, are required.


Community Nursing; family; gender identity; intervention; Primary Health Care; self-imageViolence against women

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Taller lúdico de prevención de violencia contra la mujer