Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

SEPTIEMBRE 2013 N° 7 Volumen 16

The checklist: an advance towards excellence in healtcare quality

Section: Healthcare Management

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Sarabia Cobo CM, González de la Guerra JM, Torres Manrique B, González Campo M. El checklist: avance hacia la excelencia en calidad asistencia. Metas Enferm 2013; 16(7):12-16.


1Carmen María Sarabia Cobo, 2José Manuel González de la Guerra, 3Blanca Torres Manrique, 2Myriam González Campo


1Profesora del Departamento de Enfermería. Universidad de Cantabria.2Enfermero. Asepeyo. 3Enfermera. Escuela Universitaria de Enfermería "Casa de Salud Valdecilla". Universidad de Cantabria.

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Carmen Mª Sarabia Cobo. Departamento de Enfermería. Universidad de Cantabria. Avda. Valdecilla, s/n. 39011 Santander (Cantabria).

Contact email: carmen.sarabia@unican.es


In Spain there is still an unmet need in knowledge regarding patient safety culture. The checklist is gradually being implemented in Spanish hospitals, and nurses are the professionals more involved in its conduction. The checklist is an easy and effective tool which aims to prevent adverse events in surgical procedures. The system of surgical verification consists in describing in a systematic way the whole sequence of events to be checked: evaluation of the patient before the procedure, surgical procedure, and post-operatory care that the patient will require. The whole control must be conducted by a person in charge, generally a nursing professional. This is supported by
scientific evidence as one of the XXI century tools which has achieved a higher­ reduction of problems which may appear in the operating room and which may affect patients’ safety.


adverse events; care continuity; patient safety; surgical patientverification list

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El checklist: avance hacia la excelencia en calidad asistencial