Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

SEPTIEMBRE 2013 N° 7 Volumen 16

Emotional intelligence in nursing professionals

Section: Health and quality of life

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Meléndez Chávez S, Santes Bastian MC, Del Ángel Salazar EM. Inteligencia emocional en los profesionales enfermeros. Metas Enferm 2013; 16(7):64-68.


Sendy Meléndez Chávez, María del Carmen Santes Bastian, Erika Mayte del Ángel Salazar


Universidad Veracruzana. Facultad de Enfermería. Campus Poza Rica. Veracruz (México).

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Sendy Meléndez Chávez. Callejón Cinco de mayo, 5. 93220. Manuel Ávila Camacho, Poza Rica, Veracruz (México).

Contact email: sendy23@hotmail.com; smelendez@uv.mx


Objective: to learn about the emotional intelligence of nurses in two second level care hospitals in the Northern region of Veracruz, Mexico. Method: transversal descriptive study, conducted during March-May, 2012. It was conducted on 100% of the population in two second level hospitals with similar characteristics (106 nurses). Selection criteria for the sample: The study included nursing professionals who were working in different departments and shifts during the data collection period in both hospitals, and who wished to take part in said research, and had signed an Informed Consent. The TMMS-24 scale was used for data collection, and descriptive statistics was used for their analysis. Data were tabulated with the SPSS 15.0 program. Results: 97 nurses were included, 42 from Hospital “A” and 55 from “B”. 28% of them were between 26 and 30-years old, and 42% of them were single. Both Hospital “A” and “B” nurses paid little attention to their emotions, with a 62% and 69%, respectively. In both hospitals, the nursing staff presented inadequate emotional reparation, with 52% for Hospital “A” and 42% for Hospital “B”. Conclusions: it is suggested to develop workshops on emotional intelligence, encouraging the interest for emotions and the management of positive mood, in order to pay more attention to emotional behaviors, and being able to clarify and repair them in a convenient manner.


emotional intelligence; emotional wellbeing; Personal skills

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Inteligencia emocional en los profesionales enfermeros