Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

DICIEMBRE 2014 N° 10 Volumen 17

Comparative study between ultrasound-guided arterial puncture vs. the traditional technique

Section: Method

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Vaquerizo Carpizo E, Fadrique Millán LN, Torres Sancho R, Benito Bernal S. Estudio comparativo de la punción arterial ecoguiada frente a la técnica clásica. Metas Enferm dic 2014/ene 2015; 17(10): 51-55.


1Eva Vaquerizo Carpizo, 1Laura Natividad Fadrique Millán, 1Rubén Torres Sancho, 1Silvia Benito Bernal


1Enfermera/o. Urgencias Hospital Universitario Río Hortega Valladolid (HURH).

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Eva Vaquerizo Carpizo. C/ Carrión, 16. 47140 Laguna de Duero (Valladolid).

Contact email: Kaluna067@gmail.com


Objective: to analyze the benefits of Ultrasound-Guided Arterial Puncture (UGAP) vs. Traditional Puncture Technique (TPT), in terms of success rate at the first puncture attempt, with time required and self-reported pain level as secondary objectives.
Materials and method: experimental study, controlled and randomized, between UGAP and TPT in patients over 14-year-old which required arterial blood extraction. Probability sample of 208 patients. Those variables analyzed were: success at first puncture, time required to conduct the technique, and post-puncture pain, self-reported by patients through the Visual Numeric Scale.
Results: two groups of patients were recruited: 105 undergoing UGAP and 103 undergoing TPT. There were no significant differences in age and gender. Success at the first puncture attempt was 87.6% with UGAP vs 58.3% with TPT (p< 0.000); the time required was under 4 minutes for 97.1% of UGAP vs 75.7% for TPT (p< 0.001), and self-reported pain was assessed with a mean of 3.1±2.2 after UGAP vs 4.7±2.6 after TPT (p< 0.001).
Conclusions: UGAP reduces the number of punctures for acquiring the arterial sample, and reduces self-reported pain. A reduction in diagnostic times, as well as the safety in acquiring arterial blood, will contribute to a higher quality in Nursing care.


arterial puncture; arterial blood gas analysis; ultrasounds; procedure; emergency; experimental study

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Estudio comparativo de la punción arterial ecoguiada frente a la técnica clásica