Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

ABRIL 2016 N° 3 Volumen 19

Economic impact of the use of new post-surgical dressing in incisional abdominal wounds

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Villalobos Mori R, Mias Carballal MC, Gas Ruiz C, Riera Riu J, Escartín Arias A, Blanco Valdehita A, et al. Impacto económico del uso de un nuevo apósito postoperatorio en la herida incisional abdominal. Metas Enferm abr 2016; 19(3): 49-55.


Rafael Villalobos Mori1, Mª Carmen Mias Carballal1, Cristina Gas Ruiz1, Jordi Riera Riu2, Alfredo Escartín Arias1, Alejandro Blanco Valdehita3, Jorge Juan Olsina Kissler1

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Rafael Villalobos Mori. Avda. Alcade Rovira Roure, 80. 25198 Lleida.

Contact email: rafovilla26@gmail.com


Objective: to ascertain the cost of surgical wound dressing in primary intention closed laparotomies and to estimate the economic impact of a dressing that does not required daily wound treatment in the post-surgical phase of abdominal surgery
Material and methods: prospective observational study of 30 patients undergoing a laparotomy divided into 2 groups –A and B– according to whether wound treatment was performed using conventional dressing or using the Mepilex Border Post-Op® dressing respectively.
Results: having calculated the cost of a hospital wound treatment using the material normally used, the cost is estimated at €4.92 (dressing not included). The cost of working time of a nurse without overtime in euros/minute was of €0.14 /min. The total cost (dressing + cost of wound care + cost of nurse) was higher in group A than in group B, being of €402.70 and €233.61 respectively, with total savings of €169.09. The cost of nursing accounted for 11% of the overall cost of the wound care in group A and 2% in group B. The average cost wound care/patient was of €26.85 (group A) and of €15.57 (group B) with a savings of €11.31 per patient.
Conclusions: a dressing which does not require daily changes and allows for inspection of the surgical wound guarantees good control of the evolution of the wound, being more economical in terms of overall cost than using conventional post-surgical wound care.


dressing; incisional wound; laparotomy; wound care; clean wound; contaminated clean wound; costs

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Impacto económico del uso de un nuevo apósito postoperatorio en la herida incisional abdominal