Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

SEPTIEMBRE 2016 N° 7 Volumen 19

Mother-and-Child Blog: an experience in Spanish Primary Care

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González Hernando C, Marina García Alonso M, Vázquez Fernández ME, Sanz Almazán M, Puebla Nicolás E. Blog materno-infantil: una experiencia en la Atención Primaria española. Metas Enferm sep 2016; 19(7): 6-11.


Carolina González Hernando1, Marta Marina García Alonso2, Marta Esther Vázquez Fernández3,María Sanz Almazán2, Eva Puebla Nicolás4


1Matrona. Centro de Salud Arturo Eyries (Valladolid). Profesora Asociada. Facultad de Enfermería. Universidad de Valladolid2Médico de Familia. Centro de Salud Arturo Eyries (Valladolid)3Médico Pediatra. Centro de Salud Arturo Eyries (Valladolid)4Enfermera especialista en Pediatría. Centro de Salud Arturo Eyries (Valladolid)

Contact address

Carolina González Hernando. Avda. Ramón y Cajal, 7. 47005 Valladolid.

Contact email: carolgh@enf.uva.es


Objective: to analyze the utility, satisfaction, and information flows generated in the Web 2.0 by the Mother-and-Child Blog implemented in a Primary Care Centre of the Castile and León Community.
Method: a prospective longitudinal descriptive study (final stage of pregnancy, at 15 days and at 3 months into the newborn life) in an urban health centre, and with the population of pregnant women undergoing pregnancy follow-up and paediatric check-ups. As well as sociodemographical variables, the study included the utility and level of satisfaction of the Mother-and-Child Blog, and any variables allowing the analysis of the communication flow in said blog. A descriptive statistical analysis was conducted (central tendency and dispersion measures; absolute and relative frequencies), bivariate analysis (Square-chi Test), and analysis of the communication flow in the blog through the Google Analytics application.
Results: the blog was used by 46% of women during pregnancy, and 67% during the first three months of the postpartum period. The higher use by first-time mothers stood out, as well as by women with a high socioeconomic level. The degree of satisfaction reached a score above 8 (scale from 1 to 10) in all aspects analyzed.
Conclusions: this new way of on-line communication and health education between citizens and healthcare professionals has shown a high level of acceptance, solved health problems, provided reassurance, and reached a high degree of satisfaction among its users.


Healthcare blog; mother-and-child health; midwife; paediatrics; health education; Internet; research; descriptive longitudinal study

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Blog materno-infantil: una experiencia en la Atención Primaria española