Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

DICIEMBRE 2016 N° 10 Volumen 19

Preoperative Nursing Intervention for Anxiety Management

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García Cuadrado M, Sánchez Alonso S, Olmedo Gómez C, Bravo Cepeda E, Federico Alonso M. Intervención enfermera prequirúrgica para el manejo de la ansiedad. Metas Enferm dic 2016/ene 2017; 19(10): 50-53.


Marta García Cuadrado1, Susana Sánchez Alonso1, Cristina Olmedo Gómez1, Eva Bravo Cepeda1,María Federico Alonso1


1Enfermera. Hospital Fremap de Majadahonda (Madrid)

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Marta García Cuadrado. C/ Isaac Albéniz, 89-1º C. 28222 Majadahonda (Madrid).

Contact email: mgarciacuadrado@hotmail.com


Objective: to evaluate the effectiveness of a preoperative visit by the Surgery Unit nurses upon the levels of anxiety presented by a patient during the perioperative period.
Method: a randomized clinical trial was conducted, which included 32 patients who were about to undergo a surgical procedure (spinal fusion / vertebral fracture). The patients were split into an experimental group, who received an informative and educational intervention by the nurses, and a control group, who received the usual information by the anesthesia care team only. The anxiety levels were measured in both groups before and after receiving both types of information, using the State Trait Anxiety Inventory Questionnaire (STAI) as measurement tool.
Results: it was observed that the STAI test data in the first measurement (before the nursing intervention) did not show statistically significant results (p= 0.340). In the measurement after the nursing intervention, there was a reduction in the mean anxiety level measured in the experimental group, while there was an increase in the control group, reaching a 20.25 point difference between both groups, which represents statistically significant differences (p= 0.040).
Conclusions: an increase in the information and training for patients will lead to a reduction in anxiety, and therefore, there will be an increase in the level of satisfaction, comfort and quality; for this reason, this Nursing intervention is considered an action of improvement in the quality of patient care.


Preoperative anxiety; nursing interventionSTAI (State Trai Anxiety Inventory)

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Intervención enfermera prequirúrgica para el manejo de la ansiedad