Prevention of suicidal behaviour in teenagers, identification of risk factors

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Victorio Molina A, Tomás Cánovas L. Prevención de conductas suicidas en adolescentes, identificación de factores de riesgo. Metas Enferm oct 2017; 20(8): 55-60.


Ana Victorio Molina1, Lidia Tomás Cánovas2


1Máster en Urgencias, Emergencias y Situaciones Críticas (Universidad de Albacete). Enfermera. Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca. Murcia2Máster en Salud, Mujer y Cuidados (Universidad de Murcia). Enfermera. Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca. Murcia

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Lidia Tomás Cánovas. C/ Mayor, 28-2º esc., 2º A. 30120 El Palmar (Murcia).

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Objective: to identify the most frequent risk factors for suicidal behaviour among teenagers, due to the high incidence presented by this population group.
Method: a narrative review was conducted, based on the bibliographic review of literature in Medline, Pudmed, Scielo, Google Scholar and Dialnet. The DeCS descriptors used for the search were: Suicidio, Suicide, Adolescentes, Teenagers, Factores de riesgo, Risk factors. The languages used for this search were English and Spanish. Time limits were used, searching for documents within the past 12 years, and both in the national and international setting. The inclusion criteria were: studies relating to suicidal behaviour in adolescents from 10 to 19 years of age, with quantitative methodology, and published during the past 12 years.
Results: of the 43 articles initially identified, there was a selection of 7 that met the inclusion criteria. The most significant risk factors were identified with the relationship of the adolescent with his/her family, low performance at school, and the relationships established by the adolescent both with their most immediate setting (personal relationships) as with themselves (depression, sadness, hopelessness, etc.).
Conclusions: it is considered very necessary to identify those risk factors related with suicidal behaviour in teenagers, in order to prevent suicides within this age range, given that the bibliography consulted indicates there is a high prevalence.


suicide; teenagers; suicidal attempt; risk factors; risk factors

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Prevención de conductas suicidas en adolescentes, identificación de factores de riesgo