Transfer between hospitals of patients with intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation

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Gómez Parra I. Traslado interhospitalario de pacientes con balón de contrapulsación intraaórtico. Metas Enferm may 2018; 21(4):62-7.


Itziar Gómez Parra


Máster de Urgencias, Emergencias y Cuidados Críticos. Enfermera. Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos. Hospital 12 de Octubre. Madrid

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The intra-aortic balloon contrapulsation (IABC) is a method used for circulatory support in patients for whom standard treatment has not been effective, in order to guarantee their clinical stability until they can receive adequate treatment at hospital. In some cases, patients need this device during their transfer to the destination centre. Even though this type of situations is not frequent, their high complexity, patient severity and the specificity of the technical management of devices demand having enough knowledge about the Nursing Care required by this type of patients, in order to prevent any complications arising during their transfer between hospitals.


Intra-aortic contrapulsation; patient transfer; nursing care; safety; safety

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Traslado interhospitalario de pacientes con balón de contrapulsación intraaórtico