Satisfaction among Osakidetza nurses with mobile applications for nursing care

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Cidoncha-Moreno MA, Moro Casuso I, Ruiz Pereda V, Gárate Echenique L, Ortiz de Elguea Díaz FJ, Abad García R. Satisfacción de las enfermeras de Osakidetza con las aplicaciones móviles para el cuidado enfermero. Metas Enferm jun 2018; 21(5):56-62.


Mª Ángeles Cidoncha-Moreno1, Inmaculada Moro Casuso2, Verónica Ruiz Pereda3, Lucía Gárate Echenique4, Francisco Javier Ortiz de Elguea Díaz5, Roberto Abad García6


1Doctora en Ciencias de la Enfermería. Dirección General de Osakidetza. Vitoria-Gasteiz2Máster en Gestión y Planificación Sanitaria. Dirección General de Osakidetza. Vitoria-Gasteiz3Enfermera. Organización Sanitaria Integrada Ezkerraldea-Enkarterri-Cruces. Bizkaia4Máster en Educación y Gestión en Enfermería. Dirección General de Osakidetza. Gipuzkoa5Enfermero. Organización Sanitaria Integrada Donostialdea. Gipuzkoa6Enfermero. Organización Sanitaria Integrada Bilbao-Basurto. Bizkaia

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Mª Angeles Cidoncha Moreno. Dirección General de Osakidetza. Subdirección de Enfermería. C/ Álava, 45. 01006 Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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Objective: to explore the satisfaction among Osakidetza nurses with the mobile applications for nursing care, as well as their evaluation of the training received for their use, ease of use, characteristics of the information managed, and impact on patient care.
Method: a descriptive cross-sectional study. Population object of the study: Osakidetza nurses working with mobile applications. Variables: sociodemographical and occupational, usability, training and support received, impact, satisfaction with the mobile applications included; these were collected through a questionnaire designed ad hoc. Descriptive statistical analysis was conducted, as well as bivariate analysis, through Chi Square Test.
Results: in total, 518 questionnaires (33.5%) were received; 37.8% reported overall satisfaction with the applications used, 27.2% reported that working with the tablet was faster, and 36.1% stated that their work was better conducted. The application with the highest satisfaction level was the one that provides vital sign records (61.8%); 74.8% of participants reported a positive impact on patient safety. Statistically significant differences were found depending on the role played (higher satisfaction among nurse managers; p= 0.023), according to the level of use in daily life (higher satisfaction in medium and high use; p= 0.036), and based on the working shift (higher satisfaction in regular shifts: p= 0.021).
Conclusions: there is a moderate level of satisfaction with mobile applications for patient care. In order to understand the impact of these tools and the overall satisfaction with them, it is recommended to assess them once the display conducted in agencies has been firmly established.


nursing records; medical records; computer storage equipment; pocket computers; mobile applications; medical electronic applications; biomedical technology; computer systems; organization and administration; descriptive cross-sectional

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Satisfacción de las enfermeras de Osakidetza con las aplicaciones móviles para el cuidado enfermero