Characteristics of healthcare at the Continuous Care Unit of Valle de Valdebezana

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Viejo Fernández D, González Gutiérrez L, Alonso Mate Ó, Pereda Sainz R, Fernández Lago C, Delgado Arnaiz A. Características de la atención sanitaria del Punto de Atención Continuada del Valle de Valdebezana. Metas Enferm dic 2018/ene 2019; 21(10):5-11.


Daniel Viejo Fernández1, Lidia González Gutiérrez2, Óscar Alonso Mate1, Rubén Pereda Sainz1,Cristina Fernández Lago1, Aurelia Delgado Arnaiz1


1Enfermero/a. Centro de Salud de Valdebezana. Burgos 2Licenciada en Medicina. Centro de Salud de Valdebezana. Burgos

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Daniel Viejo Fernández. C/ La Barrera, portal C 1. 24370 Torre del Bierzo (León)

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Objective: to analyze the healthcare provided at a Continuous Care Unit (PAC) of a rural area from the province of Burgos.
Method: an analytical cross-sectional study conducted at the Valle de Valdebezana PAC (Burgos). The study included all patients demanding care from January, 2016 to January, 2018. Data were collected at the time of patient care, expanding the information recorded at the Emergency Book from the PAC. Descriptive and analytical analysis was conducted, using the SPSS statistical program, version 23.0.
Results: the sample was of 4,333 participants; 51.4% were male, with a mean age of 50.8 years. Of these patients, 44.5% had been transferred; 12.2% called in, and the mean journey was of 15.6 km, taking 18.6 minutes. The highest demand was observed on Saturdays (27.3%), in the afternoon (42.8%), and in summer (40.2%). Scheduled care was provided to 17.2% of patients. The most common health problems were respiratory (14.7%); there were 1.5% of life emergencies. Associations were observed between the place of residence and the following variables: gender, age, season of the year, day of assistance, time of patient care, condition, referrals, and place of care.
Discussion: demand increases in summer due to the travelling population, there is a high number of home care instances, and times of response are good, taking into account the distances involved. There is a low presence of life emergencies, and the profile of the user demanding care is: a man of working age who attends due to a respiratory condition during the weekend and in the afternoon.


Primary Care; medical emergencies; emergency treatment; referral and consultation; referral and consultation

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Características de la atención sanitaria del Punto de Atención Continuada del Valle de Valdebezana