Tools for detecting and addressing gender-based violence in Primary Care: regarding a case report

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Martínez Saura I, Frapolli Gómez G, Jiménez-Ruiz I. Herramientas de detección y abordaje de violencia de género en Atención Primaria: a propósito de un caso clínico. Metas Enferm oct 2019; 22(8):68-78.


Irene Martínez Saura1, Grilselda Frapolli Gómez2, Ismael Jiménez-Ruiz3


1Enfermera. Facultad de Enfermería. Universidad de Murcia2Enfermera. Atención Primaria. Sistema Murciano de Salud3Doctor por la Universidad de Murcia. Departamento de Enfermería. Facultad de Enfermería. Universidad de Murcia. Grupo de Investigación en Cuidados Enfermeros Avanzados. IMIB-Arrixaca

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Ismael Jiménez Ruiz. C/ Jose María Falgás, 19. 30140 Santomera (Murcia).

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The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies gender-based violence (GBV) as an essential factor in the deterioration of women’s health. Approximately 90% of women who have suffered GBV will attend their Primary Care center within the year after having been assaulted.
The objective of this article is to present the case report of a woman diagnosed with GBV, with the aim to highlight the importance of the tools available in Primary Care for detecting and addressing this health problem.
Besides the common protocol for action regarding GBV, and the Protocol for Detection and Care for GBV in Primary Care of the Community of Murcia, the following were used: Marjory Gordon’s Nursing Care Process through assessment by functional patterns, conducting diagnosis through the NANDA-I taxonomy, prioritization by the AREA model, and planning, conducting and evaluating care by using the NOC and NIC taxonomies. The main diagnoses obtained were: anxiety, low situation-related self-esteem, inefficient health maintenance, inefficient coping, and deterioration of social interaction. After six months, partial compliance of the care plan was achieved.
GBV is a major public health problem, and Primary Care nurses play an important role in detecting and addressing it. It is necessary to create a Nursing Diagnosis which will address GBV manifestations as a syndrome.


Gender-based violence; Primary Care; nursing process; standard Nursing terminology; NANDA; NOC; NIC; case record

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Herramientas de detección y abordaje de violencia de género en Atención Primaria: a propósito de un caso clínico