Perception and feelings towards stigmatization of people with schizophrenia

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Cortés Follana A, Vázquez-Campo M, Mouriño-López Y. Percepción y sentimientos ante la estigmatización de personas con esquizofrenia. Metas Enferm jun 2020; 23(5):15-21. Doi:


Ana Cortés-Follana1, Miriam Vázquez-Campo2, Yago Mouriño-López3


1Enfermera. Área Sanitaria de Ourense, Verín e O Barco de Valdeorras. Ourense2Dra. en Psicología y Enfermera. Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ourense3Médico especialista en Medicina Interna. Área Sanitaria de Ourense, Verín e O Barco de Valdeorras. Ourense

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Miriam Vázquez Campo. Complexo Hospitalario de Ourense. C/ Ramon Puga, 52-55. 32005 Ourense.

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Objective: to understand the feelings and thoughts of people with schizophrenia faced with their own perception of the stigma associated with their disease.
Methods: a qualitative study with phenomenological approach. The study population was the users of the Morea Association Day Centre (Association of mental patients and relatives) in Ourense. The sample was intentional, and seven persons of age with diagnosis of schizophrenia were selected (DMS-5), with a minimum two-year evolution. Individual semi-structured interview was used for data collection (two consecutive interviews with the same subject), conducted by two interviewers, which were recorded and transcribed. Thematic analysis was conducted (identification and classification of the main axes of meaning underlying in data).
Results: after the analysis of the interviews, five thematic categories were detected: “guilt”, “social roles”, “fear of rejection and danger”, “responsibility” and “loss of abilities and control”. All participants were aware of their disease, its chronicity and that they would have to take life-long treatment. They stated that they had lost contact with friends and even relatives due to their disease. Most of them perceived that the rest of the population was afraid of them. All of them considered that their disease had led them to lose abilities such as memory, attention, and independence for some aspects in life.
Conclusions: people with schizophrenia feel stigmatized by society. Based on the results obtained, it seems necessary to increase information and education among the population in order to reduce the stigma and prejudices towards people who suffer schizophrenia, and thus facilitate their complete integration into the society.


Social stigma; schizophrenia; Mental Health; psychiatry; qualitative research; Phenomenology

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Percepción y sentimientos ante la estigmatización de personas con esquizofrenia