Humanized management at an ICU in times of COVID-19

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Morlà Rosselló A, Cortés Borra A. Gestión humanizada en una UCI en tiempos de COVID-19. Metas Enferm sep 2021; 24(7):64-70. Doi:


Antonio Morlà Rosselló1, Albert Cortés Borra2


1Máster en Gestión y Liderazgo en Cuidados de Enfermería. Coordinador UCI. Clínica Juaneda. Grupo Juaneda Hospital’s. Palma de Mallorca2Máster en Gestión de Servicios de Enfermería. CAP Sanllehy. SAP Dreta Barcelona Ciutat. Institut Català de la Salut. Director del Proyecto Humanizando la gestión sanitaria. Codirector de J&C Gestión Sanitaria. Profesor Máster en Gestión y Liderazgo en Cuidados de Enfermería SalusPlay. Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes. Escuela Superior de Enfermería Mar. Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona

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Antonio Morlà Rosselló. C/ Cirerer, 28 A. 07008 Palma (Illes Balears).

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many situations have arisen that most of the population had not experienced before. Healthcare workers have found themselves in a setting for which they were not prepared, and which has entailed many psychological consequences, that must be treated in order to prevent future problems. One of the units that has experienced a high care load pressure in these pandemic times is Intensive Care, where patients infected with COVID will spend long periods fighting for their lives. Faced with this scenario, the objective was to establish a series of measures that would help to improve the psychological health of healthcare workers, and to analyze the problems that appeared, as well as to establish the adequate measures to alleviate them. Said measures were well accepted by workers, and did not represent an excess cost for the institution; there was an increase in commitment by professionals, through humanized management, and guiding their actions based on the HUGES (humanizing the health management) experiences, which advocates starting the humanizing process from management, and determining measures based on an effective leadership by nursing managers.


COVID-19; psychosocial impact; nursing; critical care

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Gestión humanizada en una UCI en tiempos de COVID-19