Occupational situation of Family and Community Nursing professionals in Galicia

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Garrote-Recarey A, Meier-Cácharo K, Rojo-Amigo V, Raposo-Varela A. Situación de las especialistas en Enfermería Familiar y Comunitaria en Galicia. Metas Enferm abr 2022; 25(3):50-8. Doi: https://doi.org/10.35667/MetasEnf.2022.25.1003081906


Ana Garrote Recarey1, Karin Meier Cácharo2, Vanesa Rojo Amigo3, Andrea Raposo Varela4


1Graduada en Enfermería. Centro de Salud de A Covada. Oleiros, La Coruña (España)2Graduada en Enfermería. Centro de Salud de Miño. La Coruña (España) 3Graduada en Enfermería. Centro de Salud de Os Rosales. La Coruña (España) 4Graduada en Enfermería. Centro de Salud Casa del Mar. La Coruña (España)

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Andrea Raposo Varela. Centro de Salud Casa del Mar. Avenida del Ejército, 2 A. 15006 La Coruña (España)

Contact email: andrea.raposo.varela@sergas.es


Objective: to describe the occupational situation of FCN specialists in Galicia, and the differences between different Healthcare Areas. Likewise, the aim was to determine their level of satisfaction regarding their occupational situation.

Method: A descriptive cross-sectional study (October 2021). The study population were the FCN specialists with tenure or enrolled in the FCN recruitment roster at the Galician Health Service (N= 193). They were found through specific social network groups or personally. Through a self-administered questionnaire which was designed ad hoc, sociodemographic variables were measured, as well as training, occupational (Healthcare Area (HA), setting, type of contract, professional category, prospects of improvement), and satisfaction (unsatisfied, not very satisfied, satisfied, or very satisfied). Their opinion about the situation was requested through open question. Descriptive and bivariate statistics were conducted, as well as content analysis.

Results: the study included 129 specialists; 20.3% of them worked outside Primary Care (PC), 44.9% with temporary contract (max. HA Ferrol 66.7%; min. Ourense 0%; p= 0.04) and 37.3% worked as general nurses. 29.7% were unsatisfied (max. HA A Coruña 53.1%, min HA Ourense and Pontevedra 0%; p= 0.001). Those who worked in PC presented higher satisfaction than those in the hospital setting (Satisfied: 26% vs. 0%; p= 0.006). There was higher dissatisfaction among those hired as General Nurses (50.9%; p= 0.004). Satisfaction did not vary based on type of contract (p> 0.05), and 54.3% expected an improvement in their work situation at 12 months.

Conclusion: there is room for improvement regarding the occupational conditions and satisfaction with them by FCN specialists in Galicia. It is necessary to balance the differences between HAs.


Community Health Nursing; community health nurses; job market; satisfaction at work; human resources; Specialization; cross-sectional studies

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Situación laboral de las especialistas en Enfermería Familiar y Comunitaria en Galicia