Efficacy of Yoga Practice and Aerobic Exercise compared to Standard of Care in Patients with Fibromyalgia. FIB-YOGA-EA-SOC Study

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Gallardo Navarro M, Marentes Cuesta R, Torralba González de Suso M. Eficacia de la práctica de yoga y del ejercicio aeróbico frente al standard of care en pacientes con fibromialgia. Estudio FIB-YOGA-EA-SOC. Metas Enferm feb 2024; 27(1):7-17. Doi: https://doi. org/10.35667/MetasEnf.2024.27.1003082215


María Gallardo Navarro1, Ricardo Marentes Cuesta2, Miguel Torralba González de Suso3


1Especialista en Enfermería familia y comunitaria. Centro de Salud del Alamín. Guadalajara (España)2Residente de Medicina familiar y comunitaria. Hospital Universitario de Guadalajara. Guadalajara (España)3Médico. Servicio de Medicina interna. Hospital Universitario de Guadalajara. Guadalajara (España)

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María Gallardo Navarro. C/ Alonso Núñez de Reinoso, 2B. 19002 Guadalajara (España).

Contact email: mariagllrdn@gmail.com


Objective: to assess the effects of a comprehensive yoga and aerobic exercise (AE) intervention versus standard of care (SOC) exercise on the overall impact and severity of fibromyalgia (FM).
Methods: three-arm randomised clinical trial in women diagnosed with FM (groups: YOGA, Satyananda Saraswasi asana series (n=31); AE, 7,000 steps per day (n= 31); SOC (n= 61)). Variables and instruments: anthropometric, sociodemographic and clinical data; Fibromyalgia Health Assessment Questionnaire (FIQ); pain (Widespread pain Index (WPI)); symptom severity (Symptom Severity Score (SSS); quality of life (Combined Index of Severity of Fibromyalgia (CISF)); functional capacity (Fibromyalgia Health Assessment Questionnaire (FHAQ)). For comparison between groups, Student's t-test was used.
Results: ininety-six women with FM were studied. With respect to the SOC group, statistically significant (p<0.05), and clinically significant improvements were observed with the YOGA and AE interventions in pain index (WPI), overall impact and severity of FM (FIQ), symptom severity (SSS) and quality of life (CISF). However, no improvement in functional capacity (FHAQ) was observed. Comparing both interventions, yoga versus AE, statistically significant differences were seen in specific symptoms (SSS) and quality of life (CISF).
Conclusions: healthcare professionals face numerous challenges in the management of these patients. The findings of this trial are promising regarding the beneficial effects of YOGA and AE in decreasing pain, global impact and severity, and symptom severity, as well as improving quality of life in patients with FM.


Fibromyalgia; yoga; pain; therapeutics; exercise; randomized clinical trial

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Eficacia de la práctica de yoga y del ejercicio aeróbico frente al standard of care en pacientes con fibromialgia. Estudio FIB-YOGA-EA-SOC

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