Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

MARZO 2007 N° 2 Volumen 10

Intensive care and coronary care nursing in Spain: bibliometric analysis

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Lizarbe Chocarro M. La Enfermería de cuidados intensivos y coronarios en España: análisis bibliométrico. Metas de Enferm abr 2007; 10(2): 9-15.


Marta Lizarbe Chocarro


Diplomada en Enfermería. Licenciada Universitaria. DEA por la Universidad Pública de Navarra. Enfermera del Hospital de Navarra.

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C/ navarro Villoslada, 3, 1º. 31003 Pamplona, Navarra.

Contact email: berbinlizarbe@hotmail.com


The purpose of this study was to perform a bibliometric review of scientific documents published in Spain on the subject of Intensive Care and Coronary Care Nursing in Spain.
Material and method: the Price, Bradford and Lotka bibliometric laws were applied to the 334 papers found using the IME, ISOC, CUIDEN y TESEO databases. Information was retrieved on the authors of the documents and the characteristics of the papers as well as their content.
Results: Price´s law is complied with. The core of the journals acc. to Bradford´s law is composed by the journal “Enfermería Intensiva” (Intensive Nursing). Lotka´s law tends to overestimate mid and largest producers.
Producing authors are mostly women, with a level of education comparable to a three-year university diploma that work in a hospital setting. Mean number of authors per paper is 3.88. Original works are the most commonly used type of article, and within theses, cross-sectional studies. Descriptive statistics is the most commonly used, followed b inferential statistics (parametric tests). The most commonly studied topic is circulatory/coronary care. Bibliographic references are mostly sourced from journals in the English language.
Conclusions: this is a rapidly growing young science, especially after 1994. Worth pointing out is the large quantity of producers among authors. The type of study, the statistical management of the data, and the subject of the papers match other similar studies. There appears to be few references in each article.
No use of the terms Nursing or Evidence-Based Medicine and very little use of nursing diagnoses.


Bibliometric nursing; intensive nursing; intensive medicine; critical carespecialised care

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La Enfermería de cuidados intensivos y coronarios en España: análisis bibliométrico