Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

JUNIO 2007 N° 5 Volumen 10

Curative visualisation

Section: History and Fundamentals of Nursing

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Piqué Prado EM. Visualización curativa. Metas de Enferm jun 2007; 10(5): 16-18


Eva Piqué Prado


Diplomada en Enfermería.

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Centro de Salud Marqués de Valdavia. Paseo de la Chopera,100. 28100 Alcobendas (Madrid).


This article addresses the therapeutic potential of the “curative visualisation” technique based on the theory of the influence that the mind exerts on the body to cause illnesses or to actively participate in the recovery of health. The article suggests curative visualisation to be an intervention to be used by nurses to help improve patient wellness in different situations of health or illness. A description of the technique is presented, specifying the potential benefits derived from its application as well as the preparation of the patient and the key elements to make it effective.


visualisation; psychological therapy; relaxation; psychosomaticinterventions

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Visualización curativa