Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

SEPTIEMBRE 2007 N° 7 Volumen 10

Analysis of an organisational context in nursing practice. The Nursing Work Index in public hospital

Section: Healthcare Management

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Juvé Udina ME, Farrero Muñoz S, Monterde Prat D, Hernández Villen O, Sistac Robles M, Rodríguez Cala A et al. Análisis del contexto organizativo de la práctica enfermera. El Nursing Work Index en los hospitales públicos. Metas de Enferm sep 2007; 10(7): 6


María Eulalia Juvé Udina1, Sara Farrero Muñoz2, David Monterde Prat3, Olivia Hernández Villen4, Margarita Sistac Robles5


Diplomada en Enfermería. Máster en Enfermería Médico-Quirúrgica (UB). Coordinadora de Enfermería. Institut C

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Direcció d' Afers Assistencials. Institut Català de la Salut. Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 587. 08007 Barcelona.

Contact email: ejuve@gencat.net


The organisational context for the delivery of care includes organisational and structural factors that facilitate the professional practice of nursing and have a significant impact on the results for patients and centres.
Objective: analyse the organisational context for the delivery of healthcare in public hospitals belonging to the national health system.
Method: data were gathered at the workshops organised by the Nursing Coordination division of the Catalan Health Institute, utilising a questionnaire that contained the items from the Nursing Work Index-Revised. The analysis strategy is eminently descriptive, including the exploration of the correlation between the element’s subscales.
Results: 405 questionnaires were analysed. The main result of this study shows a low degree of development in the organisational context in the studied hospitals. The most developed organisational factors are “Autonomy” and “Control on the Nursing Practice”. The least developed organisational factors include “Professional Recognition” and “Training”. None of the studied factors obtained an excellent score.
Conclusions: the Nursing Work Index-Revised is a good tool to make a close estimation of the organisational context for the delivery of healthcare. Managers should give some serious thought to cost when other aspects that facilitate nursing practice in hospitals are not considered.


managements; Nursing Work Index; organisation; hospital; nursing

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Análisis del contexto organizativo de la práctica enfermera. El Nursing Work Index en los hospitales públicos