Enero-junio 2012 N° 1 Volumen 5

Eating habits in nurses

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Jorge Araujo P. Hábitos alimenticios de los enfermeros. RIdEC 2012; 5(1):23-33.


Pedro Jorge Araujo


Licenciado en Enfermería. Máster Internacional en Nutrición y Dietética.

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C/ Delgado nº 8, Gáldar (35460), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Contact email: pedroja25@hotmail.com


Objectives: To determine the eating habits of nurses at Clínica San Roque.
Material and method: Cross-sectional descriptive observational study conducted in a population of 39 nurses using a 19 item questionnaire.
Results: A 35.90% never eat breakfast (the reasons for not doing so are lack of habit and lack of time), there is a 46.15% who eat breakfast at work, a 35.90% has the five main meals a day, a 33.33% drink 1 liter of water per day, a 84.62% of nurses are not at the present on any type of diet.
Conclusion: Most nurses follow the recommendations of the SENC (2004) regarding the consumption of dairy products, cereals, fruits, olive oil and alcohol beverages. However, they do not follow these recommendations for consumption of vegetables, legumes, potatoes, fish, meat, rice and pasta, eggs, sweets and pastries and soft drinks.


eating habits; nurses; private clinic

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Hábitos alimenticios de los enfermeros