Well-being perception in last year undergraduate nursing students

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Lobo A, Barreal R, Salgado ML. La percepción del bienestar de los estudiantes del último año en la licenciatura de Enfermería. Rev. iberoam. Educ. investi. Enferm. 2015; 5(2):33-9.


1 Alexandrina Lobo, 2 Rosa Barreal, 3 María Luisa Salgado


1 Profesora-coordinadora en la Escuela Superior de Enfermería Dr. José Timóteo Montalvão Machado- Chaves (Portugal) 2 Hospital de Verín. Ourense (España) 3 Técnico en Cuidados Auxiliares de Enfermería. Hospital de Verín. Ourense (España)


Purpose: Undergraduate students health is an important public health issue, with a significant impact at a personal, social, and institutional level. The present study aims at analyzing the well-being perception in undergraduate 4th year nursing students.
Methods: A correlational, descriptive, cross-sectional study was carried out using a quantitative approach, in a sample of 55 students. A questionnaire for sociodemographic characterization and 20-Behavioral Health measurement was filled. Data analysis was done with SPSS statistical package.
Results: Results showed that most students have an appropriate functioning regarding mental health, which is substantially affected in women, in particular in older ones.
Discussion: Our data highlight the need for high-degree educational institutions to be involved in the identification and enhancing mental health problems prevention by means of initiatives specifically targeted at high risk groups.


Mental Health; mental health; nursing students; risk behaviors; nursing students; risk behaviors

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La percepción del bienestar de los estudiantes del último año en la licenciatura de Enfermería

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