Post Graduate Nursing Education: the State of Art in Latin-America

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Mompart MP. Formación postgraduada en Enfermería: el estado del arte en Latinoamérica. Rev. iberoam. Educ. investi. Enferm. 2012; 2(1):56-62.


María Paz Mompart García


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The actual panorama and the evolution in the last years of post-graduate nursing education is approached. It is prominent the increase of the various Master and Specialization programmes and the introduction and progressing advance of Doctorate programmes.
This increasing course on postgraduate education has strongly influence the scientific production and the development of systems for spreading it, specially increasing the number of scientific publications in the Latin-American area.
Therefore, according to this higher education, a rising on level of the quality of the professional performance can be confirmed for nurses.


Doctorate; Master; Nursing education; Post-Graduate Studies in Nursing; Specialization

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Formación postgraduada en Enfermería: el estado del arte en Latinoamérica*Formação pós graduada em Enfermagem: a situaçao na América Latina

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