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Advanced Practice Nurses to improve the outcomes in hospitalized patients: a systematic review

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Riviotta Amy L, Galiano A. Enfermeras de práctica avanzada para mejorar los resultados de los pacientes hospitalizados: una revisión sistemática. Rev. iberoam. educ. investi. Enferm. 2018; 8(1):48-61.


1 Amy L Riviotta, 2 Alejandra Galiano 


1 Enfermera docente, Facultad de Medicina, Clínica Alemana Universidad del Desarrollo. Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse. Magíster en Práctica Avanzada de Enfermería. Santiago, Chile.2 Enfermera. Magíster en Salud Pública. Coordinadora de Investigación de Clínica Universidad de los Andes. Santiago, Chile.

Contact email: a.riviotta@udd.cl


The concept of Advanced Practice Nurses first appeared over 50 years ago in North America, due to the need for more highly-qualified professionals to assist with patient care and management, thus improving the quality of care. Its success has led to an international growth of the profession, with evidence of good outcomes in Primary Care. A systematic review was conducted in order to search for evidence supporting the incorporation of Advanced Practice Nurses in healthcare teams, to achieve an improvement in the outcomes of hospitalized patients. There was a search for research articles, without date limitations, in six major databases. In the first selection, 18,346 articles were found; after applying different screening criteria in terms of title, abstract and selection and exclusion criteria, 19 articles were retrieved: seven clinical trials, nine observational studies, and three reviews. Article selection criteria for critical analysis were established, and the analysis was conducted with a modified Jadad Scale. Outcomes from all studies showed evidence that the use of Advanced Practice Nurses in the hospital setting, either alone or in collaboration with medical teams, does not compromise the outcomes in hospitalized patients, and can even improve mortality and morbidity rates, reduce days of hospitalization and costs, and increase patient satisfaction. The incorporation of Advanced Practice Nurses to healthcare teams could be considered in order to reduce costs and improve the access and quality of healthcare in Latin America.


advanced practice nursing; evaluation of outcomes (healthcare); quality of healthcare; clinical nurses; practicing nurses; hospitalization

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Enfermeras de práctica avanzada para mejorar los resultados de los pacientes hospitalizados: una revisión sistemática

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