Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

MAYO 1999 N° 15 Volumen 2

Student attitudes toward the subject of Community Nursing

Section: Teaching


1Pilar Albertín Carbó, 2Marta Vilanova Vilá


1Enfermera y Psicóloga. Profesora Enfermería Comunitaria, EUCS Manresa.2Enfermera. Máster en Salud Pública. Profesora Enfermería Comunitaria, EUCS Manresa.

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C/Caputxins, 28. 08240 Manresa, Barcelona.

Contact email: fub.mvilanov@minorisa.es


This article intends to disclose the attitude of the students of nursing at the end of the graduation period towards the matter of Community Nursing in the EUCS Manresa-Enfermería. For this purpose we have explored the initial attitude and the factors involved in the configuration of their attitude at the end of the 3rd year graduation period. This is a qualitative experience ussing agroup discussion method. The following have been highlighted as influent factors: The gradual and progressive acquisition of knowledge along the career and its integration and coherence in the global teaching program, as long as the potentiation by the school, the importance of clinical practices, the competence and motivation of the teaching staff and the dynamics of the classes.The attitude towards Community Nursing is mostly favourable based on more professional autonomy, the widening of the intervention field, the teamwork, the holistic view of person-environment and the diversity of the acting situations. However, the attitude towards some of the professionals is not so positive. This will be helpful to plan a training move favourable for the development of these attitudes in the everyday teaching practice.


community nursing; attitudesnursing students

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Actitudes de los estudiantes hacia la materia de Enfermeria Comunitaria