Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

JUNIO 2002 N° 46 Volumen 5

Nursing care plan for patients with lumbar hemilaminectomy

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Anton J, Boixadera M. Plan de cuidados para pacientes intervenidos de hemilaminectomía lumbar. Metas de Enfermería jun 2002; 5(5): 60-63


1Josep Anton i Riera, 2Mireia Boixadera Vendrell


1Diplomado en Enfermería. Hospital Vall d’Hebron. Profesor colaborador de Enfermería Médico-Quirúrgica. EUE Vall d’Hebron (adscrita a la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona).2Diplomada en Enfermería. CAP Numància. DAP Sants-Montjuic, Les Corts, Sarrià i Sant Gervasi.

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The incidence of surgical operation for lumbar slipped disc is between one hundred and four hundred and fifty people per million of inhabitants per year. There are various surgical techniques available, but the most common choice is hemilaminectomy. The patient’s hospital stay is brief (four to six days. The nurse plays an important role in this process because the patient´s heath status is constantly changing, his or her needs require precise and timely interventions, and because the amount of information the patient has to process in a short period of time is rather substantial.

The patient who has undergone a hemilaminectomy needs specific care that ensures his safety and protection, his physical and psychic wellbeing, and a good adaptation to the different stages of the process. In order to give both, an integral and quality care, a nursing care plan has been designed that contains the most common nursing diagnosis and collaboration problems that can arise in these patients, paying particular attention to the individual needs of every patient and his setting.


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Plan de cuidados para pacientes intervenidos de hemilaminectomía lumbar