Domiciliary care of a patient with colon fistulas

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González P. Cuidado domiciliario de un paciente con fístulas de colon. Metas de Enferm may 2005; 8(4): 08-13


Piedad González Campo


Enfermera Especialista en Salud Mental. Centro de Salud Casetas, Zaragoza.

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Centro de Salud. C/ Baleares, s/n. 50620 Casetas, Zaragoza.


The clinical case depicted in the article approaches domiciliary nursing care rendered to a patient suffering from various fistulas in the transverse colon with no possibility to use collecting bags.
The healthcare status of the patient makes it necessary to adjust the lifestyle of the patient and that of his or her family, with the corresponding challenge to the primary care nurse. The final objective is an improvement in the patient’s health status, teaching him or her to be sufficiently self-sufficient to carry out his or her own care. This required the resolution of the several problems that came up as a result.
The care process was long, but the evaluation was positive and successful as the objective of “self-care” has been achieved and the patient’s health has improved with greater comfort.


domiciliary care; self-care; healthcare education; colostomycolon fistula

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Cuidado domiciliario de un paciente con fístulas de colon