Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

MAYO 2013 N° 4 Volumen 16

Contribution by the nursing staff to accountability

Section: Healthcare Management

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Planas Campmany C, Icart Isern MT. La aportación en la rendición de cuentas. Metas Enferm 2013; 16(4):6-10.


1Carme Planas Campmany, 2Mª Teresa Icart Isern


1Enfermera. Máster Oficial de Liderazgo y Gestión de Servicios Enfermeros. Doctoranda. Programa de doctorado en Ciencias Enfermeras.2Catedrática Enfermería de Salud Pública y Comunitaria. Departamento de Enfermería de Salud Pública, Salud Mental y Materno-Infantil.

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Health system sustainability depends, to a great extent, on the optimization of healthcare resources and the access to the adequate information for decision making in health politics and management, Besides, the performance of health systems varies widely in terms of the ability to achieve the primary health objectives, which requires an assessment of healthcare procedures. A performance assessment involves an assessment of the entire functioning of health systems, through accountability. To this aim, incentive programs are increasingly being designed and implemented, and commonly called “pay per result systems”, or “service purchase based on quality.” Nursing as a profession has no choice but to position itself in terms of this reality which marks a new paradigm within health and healthcare services.


assessment of performance; health system; healthcare servicesmanagement

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La aportación enfermera en la rendición de cuentas