Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

JUNIO 2014 N° 5 Volumen 17

Burnout and job satisfaction in Nursing Supervisors

Section: Healthcare Management

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Sánchez Bermejo R, Cortés Fadrique C. Burnout y satisfacción laboral de los supervisores de Enfermería. Metas Enferm jun 2014; 17(5): 68-75.


1Raúl Sánchez Bermejo, 2Carmen Cortés Fadrique

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Raúl Sánchez Bermejo. C/ Clemente Palencia, 43, 4º A. 45600 Talavera de la Reina (Toledo).

Contact email: raulsanchezbermejo@gmail.com


Objective: to understand the profile of the professional in charge of the Nursing Supervisor job, to identify the tasks usually conducted, to learn about the perception of the level of job satisfaction, and to determine the levels and prevalence of burnout in said professionals.
Materials and method: a transversal and analytical descriptive study conducted in the health service of Castile-La Mancha (SESCAM) in 2013, on SESCAM Nursing Supervisors, nursing supervisors from other hospitals in the national health system, and on the SESCAM nursing staff. Data collection has been conducted through a self-completion questionnaire, which was accessed through an on-line platform, and collected demographical and professional variables, as well as variables on burnout and job satisfaction (the latter were from validated questionnaires).
Results: one hundred and sixty (160) SESCAM supervisors took part in this study, as well as 406 from other hospitals, and 350 staff nurses. A mean of 49.4% professionals depended on Nursing Supervisors. One out of seven SESCAM supervisors presented burnout, noticeably over the average in supervisors from other hospitals (1:6), and significantly below (1:10) nurses from the SESCAM staff. The mean job satisfaction was 42 out of 63 points. A 90% of the professionals reported moderate or high stress during the last week.
Conclusions: there is a high level of perception of recent stress, together with high burnout rates, which is balanced by an acceptable level of job satisfaction, though we consider that more work is required regarding this, in order to improve these parameters.


Supervision; middle management; burnout syndrome; job satisfactionmanagement

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Burnout y satisfacción laboral de los supervisores de Enfermería