Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

ABRIL 2006 N° 3 Volumen 9

Design and validation of an instrument for cognoscitive and affective disorders

Section: Method

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Santos Rivas P, Estrada Reventos D, Mota Cáceres F, de Pablo Rabassó Joan, Quilez Domingo V, Santos Montero MJ. Diseño y validación de un instrumento para trastornos cognitivos y afectivos. Metas de Enferm abr 2006; 9(3): 14-18


1Purificación Santos Rivas, 2Dolors Estrada Reventos,2 Fátima Mota Cáceres, 1Joan de Pablo Rabassó, 1Vicente Quilez Domingo, 2Mª Jesús Santos Montero


1Unidad de Psiquiatría Hospital Clínico de Barcelona.2Unidad de Medicina Interna. Hospital Clínico de Barcelona.

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Ronda General Mitre 154, 6º, 3ª. 08006 Barcelona

Contact email: dolorsestrada@hotmail.com


Objective: to design and validate a measurement instrument for the rapid detection of the most frequent psychiatric disorders (anxiety/depression) and cognoscitive deterioration.
Material and method: an instrument was built based on other already existing instruments that could detect affective disorders (anxiety/depression) and cognoscitive deterioration. The developed measurement tool was put to the test in a day-prevalence study in a randomised sample consisting of 100 hospitalised patients. Four psychiatrists administered 3 instruments for detection of psychiatric morbidity that had been validated in our setting (serving as gold standard) and 4 nurses applied the measurement instrument designed for that purpose.
Results: for the detection of cognoscitive deterioration in patients under the age of 65, a sensitivity score of 0,88 was obtained and a specificity score of 0,70; in patients over 64 years, the sensitivity was 0,90 and the specificity was 0,92. For detection of the emotional disorder at any age, a sensitivity of 0,75 and a specificity of 0,68 were obtained.
Conclusions: the results obtained show the utility of the measurement instrument for detecting the main psychiatric problems.


Mental Health; psychiatry; validation; validity of the criteria; sensitivity; pecificity; cognoscitive deterioration; anxietydepression

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Diseño y validación de un instrumento para trastornos cognoscitivos y afectivos