Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

OCTUBRE 1998 N° 9 Volumen 1

Environment interaction model, knowledge and behavior

Section: Cover story


1Ana Giménez, 2Bárbara Therrien, 3Alice Davis


1Profesora de Enfermería, E.U.E. Puerta de Hierro, Madrid. 2Profesora y Doctora en Enfermería Escuela de Enfermería de la Universidad de Michigan.3Doctora en Enfermería de la Universidad de Michigan.

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E.U.E. Puerta de Hierro. C/ San MartÍn de Porres, 4 . 28035 Madrid.


The cognitive process impairment caused by several types of cerebral injures can be either the dependence problem of the person to maintain his health or the difficult source to get the independence to meet any basic need. The purpose of this article is to offer an approach to study the cognition, environment and behavior interface. It could be useful as a framework to explore new nursing interventions that include environmental modifications to enhance and to restart the cognitive function. A theoretical model explaining the interaction among those three dimensions is proposed and the component description is done.


cognition; environment; behaviortheoretical model

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Modelo de interacción del entorno, el conocimiento y la conducta